A Comprehensive Guide to Renewing TSA PreCheck

Are you having issues renewing your TSA PreCheck? Worry not, because we got you covered.


Renewing your TSA PreCheck membership is essential to continue enjoying the benefits of expedited airport security screening.

This guide provides a step-by-step process for renewing your TSA PreCheck, along with important information regarding renewal timelines, application procedures, costs, and alternative renewal options.

When Should I Renew TSA PreCheck?

To avoid any lapses in membership benefits, it is recommended to initiate the renewal process 60 days before the expiration date. However, you have the flexibility to apply for renewal as early as 6 months before the expiry.

It’s important to note that your new membership will not be valid until the old one has expired. To determine your membership status and expiration date, you can check online by visiting the TSA PreCheck website and entering your Known Traveler Number, date of birth, and last name.

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Steps to Renew TSA PreCheck

If you are a current member seeking renewal, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the TSA PreCheck website and select the “Renewal” tab.
  • Provide your Known Traveler Number (KTN), date of birth, and legal last name.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to confirm your address, and passport information, and answer security questions.
  • Await approval after submitting your renewal application.

Approval notifications are typically received within three to five days. However, more complex cases may take up to 60 days for approval. It is advisable to initiate the renewal process at least 60 days before your membership expires.

Alternatively, you can also renew your TSA PreCheck in person at any of the 500+ enrollment centres nationwide. Ensure you check the operating hours of the enrollment centre before visiting.

How to Renew TSA PreCheck after Expiry

Once your membership expires, you will no longer have access to the benefits of the TSA PreCheck program. Even if you have already booked a flight before the expiry, you will not be eligible to use the TSA PreCheck lane.

If you fail to renew your membership before it expires, you will need to sign up for a new membership. This will result in receiving a new Known Traveler Number (KTN) upon approval. If your membership lapses, you may consider using a credit card to pay for the renewal fee.

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TSA PreCheck Renewal Cost

Renewing TSA PreCheck requires a non-refundable fee, which varies based on the mode of application. If you choose to renew online, the fee is $70.

However, if you prefer to renew in person at an enrollment centre, the fee is $78. Payment for renewal can be made using credit cards, money orders, company checks, or cashier’s checks.

Other Ways to Renew TSA PreCheck

Apart from the standard renewal process, there are alternative methods available for renewing TSA PreCheck through various government programs:

  • Global Entry: Renewing your Global Entry membership automatically includes TSA PreCheck renewal, as Global Entry covers all the benefits of TSA PreCheck. Your Global Entry card’s Pass ID on the rear side serves as your KTN.
  • NEXUS and SENTRI: If you are approved for NEXUS or SENTRI, renewing those memberships will also grant you automatic TSA PreCheck renewal. Similar to Global Entry, your PASS ID serves as your KTN.
  • Military Personnel: Active members of the U.S. armed forces can enjoy TSA PreCheck benefits by entering their Department of Defense ID number, which is located on the rear side of the Common Access Card and serves as their KTN.
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Renewing your TSA PreCheck membership is a straightforward process that ensures you continue to enjoy the benefits of expedited airport security screening.

By following the steps outlined in this guide and considering alternative renewal options, you can easily maintain your TSA PreCheck status and enjoy shorter wait times at airport security checkpoints.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I renew my TSA PreCheck online?

Yes, the online method is a known and convenient way to renew TSA PreCheck. The renewal cost is $70, and you can initiate the renewal process up to 6 months before your membership expiration date.

How do I find out when my TSA PreCheck expires?

If you have an active email in the TSA’s enrollment database, renewal notifications will be sent to you directly. These notifications are typically sent 6 months, 3 months, 1 month, and 2 weeks before the expiry date.

How do I renew my TSA PreCheck membership?

To renew your membership, visit the TSA PreCheck website and provide the necessary information (KTN, date of birth, and last name) by clicking the “Renewal” tab. Follow the subsequent screens to confirm your address, and passport information, and answer security questions.

Can I renew TSA PreCheck after it expires?

It is strongly recommended to renew your membership before it expires. Allowing your TSA PreCheck membership to lapse will require you to apply for a new membership, resulting in a new KTN upon approval.


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