The Ultimate Guide on How to Complete Your UK Passenger Locator Form

The UK passenger locator form is a crucial document to be filled out by anyone who wants to enter the United Kingdom from abroad. It is a requirement that travelers from international destinations fill out this form regardless of their nationality or vaccination status. Because of how important the passenger locator form is, we have created an ultimate guide on how to complete your form.


Since the coronavirus pandemic, there have been serious changes in travel rules have changed, Most of these rules came into existence and are enforced by some countries in order to curtail the spread of the novel virus. One of such key rules, for the UK, is that passengers must fill out a passenger locator form. Irrespective of nationality or vaccination status, every passenger arriving in the UK must complete this form.

According to, this form must be completed before you arrive in the UK. The good thing is the form can be filled out online. In addition, passengers must complete the form even if they are just transiting through the United Kingdom.

Furthermore, this form is to be completed 48 hours before you arrive in the UK. In addition, passengers are to note that the form is completely free. As a result, passengers will need to show the form before boarding a plane, train or ferry to the UK.

However, this form has been a source of slip-up for some travelers ever since it came into existence. Because of this, we are giving you a comprehensive guide on how to complete your UK passenger locator form.

How to Fill Out the UK Passenger Locator Form

The passenger locator form can be accessed online. Once on the website, simply follow the following steps to complete the form.

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Log in or Create an Account

The first step in filling out the passenger locator form is either to log in to your existing account or create a new one if it is your first time visiting the website. You will require a personal email and password to create the account.

Fill in Your Phone Number

You will be required to supply your personal phone number or home telephone number. In addition, you can optionally provide a secondary phone number.

Contacting you by Phone

Next, you will need to provide a means by which the UK health bodies will contact you, as per the UK track and trace system. You are to provide the best option you prefer the UK track and trace to contact you – i.e. either by phone call, text message, or both.

Supply your Name

The next step in filling out the passenger locator form is to provide your first and second names as they appear on your passport.

Dates of Travel

The date you plan to arrive in the UK is also an important requirement in filling out this form. Also, you will need to add when you will be leaving the UK, although this is optional.

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Sex and Date of Birth

Provide your gender (male or female) and also your date of birth. After supplying the details, you can click “Save” in order to save your application.

Home Address

You will need to select your home address and state whether it is in the UK or not. In addition, you will need to submit your postcode. After submitting your postcode, the website will bring up a list of house number options. Simply select the one that matches your home address.

Your Passport or Travel Document

As part of the passenger locator form completion process, you will need to provide details of the current passport you are using to enter upon arrival at the UK border.

Information to be captured includes your passport number, country of issue, and passport expiry date. This information can be found on your passport’s photo page of your travel document.

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

The UK government set out some vaccine eligibility criteria. In this step, you will need to select whether you meet the set-out criteria. If you select “Yes”, you must be able to provide official evidence of your vaccination status during travel.

Additionally, you will need to provide a booking number plus the address location where you will be staying in the UK.

Travel Plans

How long will you be staying in the UK? Do you have any travel plans within the next 48 hours of your stay in the UK, or are you transiting the UK?

These are questions you will answer regarding your travel plans.

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Details of Your Arrival in the UK

You will also need to provide the details of your arrival in the UK, such as arrival time, name of the airport, the country you are arriving from, and the traveling company you used.

You will enter your flight number, train service number, ship number, as well as seat number.

People you are traveling with

If you are traveling with an additional passenger that is under 18, you will need to provide their detail also. You will be required to fill in the details of the minor.

Your Visit

You will provide details of where you have visited since arrival in the UK, including islands. Also, you will supply your date of arrival at the destination and the departure date as well.

Additional Countries or Islands

If you have visited any country or island in the 10 days before entering the UK, you will fill out such information also.

Self-Isolation in the UK

You will select whether or not you need to be self-isolated upon arrival in the UK.

Where you will be staying in the UK

Passengers must also fill out the address of where they will be staying in the UK on the passenger locator form.

Testing after you arrive in the UK

Depending on your vaccination status, you will be required to fill a book for a COVID-19 test before you arrive in the United Kingdom.

Review your Answers

In this step, you will go through the answers you provided on your UK passenger locator form. Make sure that all the details provided are correct before submitting.

Complete a Declaration and Save your Form

Finally, you need to complete a declaration after which you will be issued with a downloadable and printable passenger locator form certificate.

You will be required to present this certificate to your airline carrier before boarding.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete the passenger locator form in advance?

Starting February 28 by 9 am, you will be able to fill out the UK passenger locator form 3 days before you arrive in England.

Is the UK passenger locator form easy to complete?

It is easy to fill out the passenger locator form. In fact, it will only take about 5 minutes to complete. Sadly, adults over the age of 18 will need to fill out the form individually while minors are added to the adult forms.

Can I fill in a passenger locator form manually?

No, the UK passenger locator form must be completed online.



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